About us

Appeal of the company founder
Aleksei Kolomeets

Hello! My name is Aleksei Kolomeets.
I do not know how blockchain works and do not know computer programs.

For the last 20 years I have been successfully advancing in the construction business. I have never liked to work on stereotypes, and all these years I have introduced innovative projects for the region. And all of them came into life. But space for fantasy is limited in housing construction. And once it turned out that everything possible has been already built and invented. And I felt cramped.

In the construction business I had to face many problems that can be effectively solved with the help of modern information technologies. For example – control of advertising. With many problems that required IT-solutions, I had to face not only as a businessman, but also as an ordinary person.

So I came to the decision of investment in information technology. To me, as well as to the majority of ordinary people, it is indifferent, how technically the thing which I use is arranged. But I understand what exactly an ordinary person needs and I can create a concept. I can’t implement this concept in a programming language, but I know how to organize the process of solving any technical problem. And since I am a realist, I have enough understanding of what is possible and what is not.

In IT-sphere there are no borders, here it is possible to invent at least every day. Here you can create and implement new products, capture markets. Therefore Σ2 is more than just a business for me, it is my dream and my mission. I like working with information, analyzing large amounts of data. I think that with the creation of Σ2 I started a new period in my life. My life passes in full accordance with the surname- Kolomeets. And now, I hope, began the main period that is Σ2. A period when I can fully become the entrepreneur promoting innovation.

In our office at the entrance there are three clocks, which show time in Khabarovsk, Moscow and San Francisco. This is our strategy. We are launching the product in Khabarovsk, because we are in Khabarovsk, and we are testing it. Then we run in Moscow, because it is the main city of Russia. And when everything turns out we go to San Francisco, that is – we go to conquer the world.

I don’t want to go out of my town in rushing toward success. I want to bring success to here, and to create a growth point in the Far East. A real startup line where employees will receive a percentage of the profits. And I believe that then in Khabarovsk people will drive red Ferraris. A lot of red Ferraris, with our staff. That would mean that we really did, and we won.

Once the history of Silicon Valley began. Today, here and now we are beginning to create a new story.

Why Σ2

Mathematical methods,
modern theory of management
and personality of the founder of the company – everything
is reflected in our name

What we do

We help people make the right choice
without imposing a ready solution

But we are creating tools to help everyone choose what suits them best.
To achieve this goal we have launched a line of analytical startups.
We are ready to run dozens analytical systems, and if it would be necessary – hundreds of them.

Even today our services help thousands of people to make an idea about the reliability
of any ICO or cryptocurrency.

Dozens of companies, using our TV-controller, optimize television advertising,
achieving maximum efficiency with each invested ruble.

Information and entertainment applications for a wide range
of users are under development. With them you will be able to choose the best café for a date or business meeting.
Check on yourself and your friends how graphology, astrology and hiromantia works.

To prove or refute their effectiveness is the case of the relevant specialists. We only offer a convenient analytical tool based on self-learning neural networks. And we guarantee that in our applications the technical part of the listed practices is implemented as accurately as possible.

In short, we make an informative product interesting for people.
And we can pack absolutely any concept in strict language of computer algorithms.
Depending on the user’s qualifications, we offer different interface standards.
We are able to speak a complex excel tables language with professionals in the field of ICO. And we are able to use a simple graphic language, when we solve your everyday tasks or just entertain you.

But behind the seemingly simple graphic image there are complex algorithms and functions.

How the ideas are born

Any team member
can offer a new idea

It is submitted for general discussion. We discuss it, sometimes argue,
until we have a common opinion.

If you consider yourself as a part of a team of bright professionals- you have get to the right address.

For those people who are interesting for us, we are ready to offer any conditions –
full-time employment in the office, remote employment, freelance, partnership.

Our dream

We want to change the standards of information submission

Our company believes in progress.
And our company makes a bet that humanity will eventually become smarter, not foolish.

Our long-term goal – is to create an alternative analytical Wikipedia.
There the information will be presented not in the style of a free story written by someone unknown but in the form of tables, collected by experts with a strict algorithm

Of course, it will be more difficult to use such a resource than a regular Wikipedia.
But it will be irreplaceable for professionals who really need the accuracy and reliability of the data obtained.


+7(4212) 65-15-20

501 office, 5th floor, 132 Kalinina str, Khabarovsk, Russia


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