Augmented reality


The AR-3 app is created to erase the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Start your work with AR-3 mobile app by scanning your room or any other room through your smartphone’s camera. Then, looking through the screen of the smartphone, you will be able to change reality.

Sign items, leave notes to your beloved ones, inhabit virtual twins of celebrities or magical creatures in the space of the scanned room.

They will be able to walk freely around your room, carefully bypassing obstacles and make contact with you.

Whatever you do, it can be seen through the phone screen by any other person, if you give him access.

We do not take people into the virtual world as we want to make real communication more diverse.

Imagine how your girlfriend, following a white rabbit, finds a gift hidden in a chest drawer.

Or how you through the screen of a smartphone show your child where you get his gyro scooter.

And in the company of friends you can sit at the same table with a terminator or a popular singer, so he could tell you joke and short speech.

However, the AR-3 app can also be used for more serious tasks.

For example, sign the subjects around you with English words and learn a foreign language easily.

We are convinced that the AR-3 app will revolutionize the world of augmented reality.

It is so cross functional that it is now difficult to predict all areas of its application.

If you have your thoughts on this - write to us; after the launch of the application, the three best ideas will be awarded with special prizes.



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