A professional analytical resource created to research and collect information from the field of blockchain technologies.

We analyze ICO/STO/IEO projects, cryptocurrencies, blockchain platforms and everything related to them using convenient tables with a large number of parameters.

The aim of the project is to create a professional and detailed analytical resource about the blockchain industry. We strive to create a global platform where everyone can find the necessary information on any topic related to blockchain technologies and prospects for their development.

The Cryptolaboratory includes the following resources:

  • Blockchain platform analytics.
  • ICO/STO/IEO Project Analytics.
  • Cryptocurrencies analytics.
  • Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies News Rating.
  • Online resource guides for ICO/STO and cryptocurrencies.
  • News Digest.
  • Online resource guides for ICO/STO/IEO projects (news, ratings, reviews, forums, ICO launch consulting agencies and mentors).
  • Online cryptocurrency resource guides (exchanges, analytics, news, online quotes, mining and forums).

We were the first in the world to create a blockchain platform analytics to understand the differences and sphere of application of each platform:

  • We collected and analyzed the 20 most popular blockchain platforms
  • We described each platform on 19 parameters.
  • You will be able to objectively assess the pros and cons of each platform.
  • NEM and Komodo's platform data was provided directly by their developers.
  • When compiling an analytical table, we were guided by the opinion of the blockchain community, as we had conducted a survey on the Bitcointalk Forum.

By creating a site for ICO/STO Analytics:

  • We collect and analyze all the coming ICO/STO projects.
  • We describe more than 52 indicators, which are collected and grouped in one table.
  • We collect ratings of 14 leading international rating agencies and calculate the weighted average rating.
  • We help to choose potentially the most successful ICO/STO-Projects.
  • Every week we provide investors with a list of upcoming projects, where everyone can choose a suitable startup.

To make it easier for investors to choose cryptocurrencies for their portfolios, we have created cryptocurrency analytics:

  • We have analyzed more than 2,000 tokens and cryptocurrencies.
  • We have analyzed each digital coin for 23 indicators.
  • We have found out which companies are already actively using cryptocurrencies.
  • We have shared all digital assets by their application.
  • We monitor the market every day and identify the leaders of growth and fall.

Investors should always be aware of the most important and discussed news in the industry, so we have created a news rating:

  • We study news on the 10 most popular and authoritative sources.
  • We assign each news a rating from 1 to 10 depending on the level of its citation.
  • Processing more than 60 news per day.
  • Divide the news into 5 categories and highlight people, companies, ICO-projects and cryptocurrencies mentioned in them.
  • We offer a truly independent tool that allows you not to get lost the main events of the day.

Unlike with the news rating, Cryptolaboratory digest collects and offers the user all the news run for the last hour. For active traders to keep up with the news, we:

  • We monitor more than 40 news editions.
  • We collect news 24 hours a day.
  • We give users the ability to determine the importance of each event.

To facilitate the search for information on cryptocurrencies, ICO/STO and blockchain, we have created two directories, where:

  • We have collected all the basic information resources, in any way connected with ICO.
  • We have indicated 67 agencies that publish news about ICO/STO projects.
  • We have found 53 rating agencies and 34 ICO-tracker.
  • We have met 80 of the most authoritative people in the blockchain industry.
  • We have published information on more than 200 Cryptoexchanges.
  • We have studied the forums where you can discuss the state of the market.
  • We have indicated which sites to use if you are interested in mining.
  • We have collected 31 Web resources for cryptocurrency analytics.

The objectivity and high accuracy of our results is guaranteed by the unique methodology used for creation of each resource.

On the basis of the received data we constantly publish market researches and analytical articles about interesting facts and regularities of blockchain industry development. The aspiration to make knowledge about cryptocurrencies, ICO/STO-projects and blockchain-technologies more accessible for the masses is the main stimulus of our work.

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