TV controller


TV controller from the company E-2 allows the business to control every ruble spent on advertising.

Our practice has shown that those who do not control the output of their advertising on radio and television, risk losing every tenth video. And it’s not the biggest trouble possible. Sometimes the videos do not “disappear” from the air, but significantly shift in time. And, as any marketing expert knows, if the video did not catch its target audience at the screens, it is the same that it was not shown at all.

For business

  • Provides reports on shown and no-shown advertising.
  • Shows the cost of your advertising and getting into your audience.
  • Shows the presence of closing videos of competitors.

For a marketing expert

  • 100% control of your advertising.
  • Reports second-by-second analysis on the release of the videos.
  • It will show the whole block of advertising pause.
  • Reports Media plan implementation.

Why people choose us?

  • We identify the facts of non-showing and violation of schedules of advertising on the air.
  • Every ruble spent will work to achieve your goal.
  • We form full analytical reports on the mismatch between the air and the agreed media plan.
  • The basic report is provided for free.
  • The user-friendly interface and video instructions allow you to manage the service in a few clicks.
  • We will form system statistical and analytical reports in 24/7 mode.
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