Wiki Truth


Truth can be born in a dispute.

But not in any dispute, but only in the one that is properly organized. This is the resource for opinions conflict currently being developed by E-2.

Every day on the Internet there are thousands of new disputes on a variety of topics - from politics and sports to history and philosophy.

Do you want to quickly understand who of the disputers is closer to the truth, but you are lazy to read many kilometers long forums?

For each point of view, we will show you the five strongest arguments and counter-arguments.

Get information collected by millions of hands in five minutes and use it to make up your mind.

Or join the disputers, and defend your position where you feel like an expert.

Here you will find like-minded people and help them to formalize your arguments with accuracy. How to know, perhaps it is you who will be able to offer a decisive argument and then your supporters bring it to the top 5 and dispute will be closed forever.



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