Σ2 – is a modern IT-laboratory
for the startups production.

We strive to take strategic heights in the field of analytical services,
augmented reality, mobile applications and blockchain. We explore the possibilities
of modern information technologies, search a practical field
of application for them and create products based on advanced, unique solutions.

All our products are combined,
in that they can be scaled up to increase productivity proportionally to the attracted resources.
This makes it possible to constantly expand the borders by conquering new markets.

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Aleksei Kolomeets
CEO, founder
  • I have read over 5 000 books.
  • I was fond of all the sciences, from history to quantum physics.
  • I can draw a map of the world from memory.
  • From childhood I have been dreaming to find the meaning of life and I am still searching.
  • I have to force myself to rest, I am a workaholic.
  • I am a pacifist and I could not kill even a sparrow.
  • I am constantly creating new business ideas; I have already had about a hundred of them.
  • I have created dozens of businesses in various fields.
  • In all the markets where I worked I have become a leader.
  • I prefer to keep my records on paper and write out one pen a week.
  • I have been employed for only one month in my entire life.
Anton Ivanchenko
executive director
  • I got quality education at the Physics and mathematics faculty of the FESUH, allowing me to become an expert in the field of IT-technologies.
  • I can drive more than fifteen types of land, water and air transport.
  • I can manage a Rubik's cube in several ways in ten seconds.
  • I remember more than fifty phone numbers of relatives and friends by heart.
  • I devote a lot of time to the development of intuition and memory.
  • The most favorite book- "7 notes of a manager. Executive Board book".
  • I work professionally in IT sphere for more than 15 years. I started my career as the assistant system administrator, and then several years later I became the head of IT department in a large federal company.
  • I have automated many business processes and now I can work effectively in any position from linear to leadership.
  • I have written more than a hundred instructions and techno-cards on the use of various programs and applications.
  • When I started to work in the professional development of mobile applications I began to understand Graphology and physiognomy.
  • I have graduated from the Russian School of Management.

Aleksei Filimonov
press secretary
  • I graduated from the FESUH with a diploma in "History and methods of educational work".
  • During the training, in addition to the main major I received three more: "Journalism", "Psychology" and "Philosophical Anthropology" (at the FESUH Faculty of additional education).
  • I won grants from the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation for eight times.
  • With the help of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund I organized 9 expeditions to the lower Amur, during which we collected a unique material about endangered ethnic groups.
  • I made my dissertation on cultural anthropology.
  • I launched a glossy magazine about construction and design.
  • I achieved reduction of the cost of TV commercials 40% while maintaining the volume for the company
  • I launched on REN-TV program "Shield of the consumer", for work on the program I was awarded the Diploma "Association of Consumers of Russia" and included in the expert-legal Bureau of the Federal Project "Quality Mark".
  • I organized the first in the Far East market research of vodka products.
  • I rebranded the city portal Habinfo (increased attendance, developed and introduced new advertising products).
Dmitrii Bogdanchikov
senior project manager
  • I got a higher technical education, but I have not worked a single day according to my major
  • I became a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation in the IT and Energotech clusters.
  • I presented my own startup to the Presidents of two countries-Russia and China.
  • I can run semi-Marathon for 1 hour 40 minutes and now I am preparing for IRONMAN.
  • I graduated from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund accelerators and 500 Startups.
  • I have received the 12th pedagogical level, but I have never been a teacher.
  • In a few seconds I can find grammatical mistakes on the A4 sheet without reading the text.
  • Two of my friends are working in SpaceX and Tesla, and the third one has won the NASA tender.
  • In 2017, I spent two days in the forest at a temperature of-40 C.
  • I think that in 15 years all ground transport will be switched to electricity.
Roman Bespechuk
senior project manager
  • I completed IT project management course and became a certified professional.
  • I trained in “Software development methodology”; "Configuration management in projects"; "The basics of visual modeling using UML 2.0"; "Software development methodology” courses. I received the relevant certificates.
  • For more than nine years I have been working professionally in the field of business process automation. I can design, model and describe any business process, no matter what sector of the economy it takes place. I designed more than 1,000 different business processes for implementation in various information systems.
  • I realized that there are no impossible tasks. Everything is only about the expediency and availability of resources. At the same time, the correct and formulated task is 90% success!
  • I studied web design myself for a couple of months. As part of the hobby, I completed more than 20 sites of diverse complexity.
  • While working on mobile application development, I have mastered the technology of learning neural networks that work with images. I developed a data interpreter that can distinguish the features of a person's face from a photo.
  • I can rebuild the 4A30T engine in a day.
  • I came to believe that for a man, nothing is more important than his family.
Sergei Tartachakov
senior project manager
  • I reorganized the work of several sales departments, increasing the revenue by 40 times.
  • I automated the procedure of opening new departments, as I have learnt to explore new regions in three days.
  • I implemented in practice 12 own experience in the field of marketing automation.
  • I mastered the launch of complex projects in conditions of uncertainty.
  • I independently mastered the fundamentals of cartography by learning to use geoinformation systems.
  • I mastered the technology of working with big data
  • In 2002, together with a companion created a computer navigation based on the maps of the General Staff for our personal use.
  • I mastered the technique of 3D modeling, from the creation of the model to printing.
  • I can make a reconstruction of the object in three dimensions on several photos.
  • I have learned to dive without scuba, holding my breath for three and a half minutes.
Vladimir Petrov
head of analytics
  • In any project I always made my unique contribution, which allowed improving the overall result significantly.
  • I am able to quickly learn a new field of activity, if I feel perspective in it.
  • I have experience working on projects in various fields of activity - from electronics development to operational audit.
  • I have awards for achievements in amateur sports (athletics, chess).
  • I consider the gratitude of people whose work I have made easier and more meaningful to be the highest assessment of my merits.
  • I build my success on such qualities as decency and insistence.
  • In the field of IT I was able to combine my work with my hobbies.
  • I hate to boast.
Ivan Grebennik
chief analyst
  • I have graduated from the Institute with honors.
  • I am the winner of the competition "the Best in Specialty" (2010).
  • I am the winner of the twelfth All-Russian Olympiad of development of the national Economy of Russia (2012).
  • When I was 25 I worked as a commercial director in the International logistics holding.
  • I founded a startup for the sale of healthy food products, and then in a year I sold it with a profit of 57%.
  • I optimized several schemes of cargo delivery from China to Russia, saving about 15%.
  • I am engaged in trading and investing. Thanks to the competent diversification of the investment portfolio I annually increase my capital by 30-40%.
  • I can determine in 5 minutes whether to invest money in a specific ICO-project or not.
  • Unlike most of the world's population, I love my job.
Nikolai Likhopoi
lead developer
  • As a programmer, I start counting not from one, but from zero.
  • I can get up at 6 am to go to the gym or yoga before work.
  • I appreciate inner beauty, not external one.
  • I can build a small building out of timber and stack of boards.
  • I can compare the written code with Shakespeare's poem.
  • I understand that all the scenes with burglary in the movies look ridiculous.
  • I received one more capoeira level.
  • I realize how complicated the simple things are in the internet.
  • I have made my movements in Argentine tango highly precise.
  • I often attend programming courses and not only to broaden my horizons.

Anna Krupina
leading UX/UI disigner
  • I graduated from the school with a gold medal.
  • I graduated from the university with honors.
  • I easily plan, count and control my time.
  • My project for the diploma was recognized as the best and scored 10 points out of 5.
  • I am a perfectionist, and from a distance of 5 meters, I can determine the uneven number of pixels between the elements of the site.
  • Graduated from art school with honors, and for me it is easy to distinguish beige color from ivory color.
  • Developed 100 + logos.
  • For five years I regularly go to the gym, even on vacation.
  • I make digital world better every day.
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